Anonymous LLCs

Anonymous LLCs are limited liability companies that are formed and not publicly identifiable through an online search. They are created to protect the names and likeness of the owners of an LLC. Anonymous LLCs are only legally allowed to be formed in the Anonymous LLC States, which are Delaware, Nevada, New Mexico, and Wyoming. It is not difficult to form an anonymous LLC, instead, it is essential to focus on being careful with how you form your entity.

How an Anonymous LLC Works

When you write a contract as an LLC, you are required to do so under the name of the LLC. When forming an Anonymously you can have this name excluded and written as "Authorized Representative" or "Member" on the form.

Anonymous LLCs are taxed and operate exactly as other LLCs do, but only identify themselves as the organizer and registered agent. There is also a limit on what information is written into the Articles of Organization.

Anonymous LLC Benefits

Anonymous limited liability companies get all of the benefits of a regular LLC with the additional benefit of extra privacy.

Privacy Protection

When forming an anonymous LLC your information is not public online. This means that you can operate anonymously and do business without worrying about your personal information being available.


In many instances of business, you do not want to do so publicly. This is one of the main purposes of an anonymous LLC, it helps you to keep confidentiality solely among those who are conducting business.

Harassment Prevention

If you are a high-profile individual or work for a company that has controversial actions, you may want to form an Anonymous LLC. This can help you to avoid harassment, and keep your address, and private life out of the public eye.


Anonymous LLCs, like regular LLCs, offer flexibility in management structure, member structure, and taxes. LLCs can manage themselves however they wish according to their operating agreement and can have members join at any time as long as all members agree. LLCs may also elect taxation.

Limited Liability Protection

Although not specific to anonymous LLCs, they are afforded the same liability protection as standard LLCs are. This is essential if you wish to keep your business and personal assets separate in the eyes of the law.

How to Form an Anonymous LLC

Forming an Anonymous LLC in Wyoming has similar steps to that of a regular LLC, but with a few added steps. First, you will need to choose a state to form in, and a name that is unique to your LLC. Next, you will need to choose a registered agent. This is required for all LLCs, but this step is a bit different when it comes to forming an anonymous LLC.

Anonymous LLCs are required to have a registered agent who is a third party. This means that typically an anonymous LLC will hire a company or a lawyer who can accept documents on behalf of the business and respond to lawsuits when necessary. Additionally, you can draft an operating agreement, but you can do so without your name on these documents.

Finally, you can submit and file the documents for an anonymous LLC. You will also need to pay the formation fee which is $102 in Wyoming.

Is Anonymous LLC Right for You?

Not every business needs to be formed anonymously. If you are a high-profile individual or a political figure, you might want to form an anonymous LLC. The same can be said for someone who works in controversial business industries or wants to avoid negative eyes on their private life. Additionally, those who work in other companies that have specific viewpoints may want to keep their personal information and businesses private. Although an anonymous LLC is created to keep things private, it is still not guaranteed that it will do so.

Get Help Starting Your Anonymous Limited Liability Company

Anonymous LLCs give you all the protection of a standard LLC, but with an added layer. This is why using a business lawyer can be extremely helpful in the process of forming an anonymous LLC. It can ensure that you take all necessary steps to form properly, as well as stay legally in compliance. Contact one of our experts to schedule an appointment and make your anonymous LLC official today!

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