Anonymous New Mexico LLC

Anonymous New Mexico LLC

How Do I Make my LLC Private?

It’s a common question to be asked, and luckily for you, New Mexico is the only state that doesn’t disclose names to the government – making it the state that offers the most privacy for businesses.

It’s a state best suited for small businesses and cost-conscious investors looking to stay anonymous. These professions include (but are not limited to) consulting, real estate, and internet business.

In New Mexico, there are several additional benefits that other states do not offer. Keep reading to learn more about these benefits and if forming an Anonymous LLC in New Mexico is right for you.

What is an Anonymous LLC?

An Anonymous LLC is formed much like a traditional LLC but offers added benefits, the biggest being privacy. Still defined as a limited liability company, business owners who desire to form an Anonymous LLC enjoy not being publicly identified by the state.

Many out-of-state business owners want to know whether they can form an Anonymous LLC. The answer is yes. As a business, you have the choice and flexibility to choose where you want to establish your dwelling.

How an Anonymous LLC Works
in New Mexico

Privacy is a precious commodity. Did you know that New Mexico is the only state business owners can list their businesses without attaching their names to the forms they’re filing?

How do you remain anonymous as the owner of the LLC?

When you form an Anonymous LLC, the state doesn’t maintain any records of ownership or management, so there’s nothing about the owner to disclose. New Mexico only requires the Articles of Organization to be submitted to the state. Additionally, the Articles only required two names: the organizer and the registered agent. The registered agent can be a lawyer or anyone you wish to accept legal documents on behalf of your business.

Why Create an Anonymous LLC?

Business owners generally choose to form an LLC due to the limited liability protection it offers. By opting to form an Anonymous LLC, owners still gain that protection, but they get the additional benefit of not having to disclose ownership information to the public.

Privacy, asset protection, lawsuit protection, and more are why business owners often choose to form an Anonymous LLC. Many business owners choose to form an Anonymous LLC in New Mexico because of the low cost. Also, the state doesn’t require franchise fees or taxes, plus owners don’t have to submit annual reports.

Anyone can form an Anonymous and reap the benefits. However, we often see professionals and celebrities who don’t want their name and business in the public eye or who don’t want the media harassing them.

Benefits of Anonymous
LLCs in New Mexico

Privacy Protection

Anonymous LLCs in New Mexico have a higher level of privacy than other states that allow Anonymous LLCs. When you form an Anonymous LLC in other states, you may have to list your name and company in a public database. It’s proven that New Mexico Anonymous LLCs do not do this.


Remaining anonymous is obviously the goal of forming an Anonymous LLC. To ensure confidentiality, owners are not linked to the LLC in any way for the public to search. The owner’s name and members of the LLC are kept private, which means no calls, emails, or mass marketing efforts based on who you are.

Harassment Prevention

Harassment is something many business owners never expect. However, it only takes one angry client or customer to cause a big business problem. When you form an Anonymous LLC in New Mexico, you’re protected from harassment from clients, competitors, and marketers because your identity is kept secret.

Cost Effective

In New Mexico, you pay a one-time fee of $50. This is a much lower filing fee than other states that range from $100 to $300. Plus, in New Mexico, there’s no annual fees or reports. This saves you more money than any other state that offers Anonymous LLCs.

Protection from Lawsuits

Lawsuits are filed every minute against businesses. When customers search for information online, they may find financial information that you don’t want publicized. A simple Google search will show creditors, customers, neighbors, and more what kind of assets your business has. An Anonymous LLC helps prevent this.

How to Form an Anonymous LLC

Business owners choose to form an Anonymous LLC in New Mexico because the laws are more flexible than any other state.

To begin the formation of an Anonymous LLC in New Mexico, the owner must submit an Articles of Organization to the state. This will include information such as:

  • The name of the company.
  • The duration of the business.
  • The registered agent's information.
  • The business's level of management.
  • The business organizer's signature.

To ensure a smooth approval and business opening, it’s important to have documents like a Banking Resolution, Operating Agreement, and a signed copy of your Articles of Organization.

If you plan on actively conducting business in the state of New Mexico, the filing process will be simplified. If you live in another state and want to form an Anonymous LLC in the state, the process may take longer and require more forms. The filing process is hassle-free, once you submit it, you don’t have to deal with annual filings, reporting, or license renewals.

Get Help From a Business Lawyer

The best way to ensure privacy and protection when forming an Anonymous LLC in New Mexico is to seek the help of a qualified business lawyer. Not only can a professional help you achieve ultimate privacy, but they can save you time, money, and a lot of stress.

When you rely on legal forms from the internet, you’re not guaranteed the same privacy assurance. Only a business lawyer can ensure proper filing for an Anonymous LLC, plus act as your registered agent, so that you remain completely anonymous to the public.

The benefits of working with an attorney when forming an Anonymous LLC are worth your time and effort. If you truly desire privacy, and want to avoid unnecessary stress, contact a lawyer.

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