Anonymous LLCs in Delaware

Anonymous LLCs in Delaware

Not every state allows the formation of Anonymous LLCs.

Delaware is one state that does – and it comes highly recommended. The state is said to have more corporations than residents because it’s the only state with the Court of Chancery dedicated to business matters.

Delaware doesn’t require businesses to list the names of owners or LLC members, but the Articles you file still require that you name a registered agent and organizer. This means a third-party needs to fill those roles if you want to obtain privacy.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds. Keep reading and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about forming an Anonymous LLC in Delaware.

What is an Anonymous LLC?

Anonymous LLCs are formed much like a traditional limited liability company, with the ultimate goal of keeping owners out of the public eye.

Any business owner or profession can form an Anonymous LLC. Privacy allows owners to avoid inquisitive customers and neighbors, aggressive creditors and marketers, even needy family and friends.

Regardless of your profession, going into business makes you a valuable target. Whether you’re a property manager with multiple tenants, a celebrity with paparazzi, or a business leader who wants to conduct business privately, an Anonymous LLC can benefit you greatly.

How an Anonymous LLC Works

Whenever an LLC’s article of an organization is filed with the state, certain legal information must be disclosed:

  • Name of the officers
  • Name of the directors
  • LLC manager names
  • Address

If you form an LLC in Delaware, a law firm can act as the organizer. One of the many perks is that after you form the Anonymous LLC, the information doesn’t have to be updated – even if the organizer changes.

One of the most common questions owners ask is, “How does the owners of an LLC remain anonymous?” The answer is to identify a registered agent as the owner of your business. This is the only specific information within your Articles of Organization that’s published by the state.

Why would someone
create an anonymous LLC?

An Anonymous LLC provides all of the benefits of a regular LLC, with the additional benefit of not disclosing ownership information on the Internet.

An Anonymous LLC is a simple way to privately own items like a business, land, or a car. Owners, landlords, law enforcement, and more create Anonymous LLCs for a variety of reasons – whether it’s because they want to avoid a mass marketing email list or they simply want to keep others out of their business.

Benefits of Anonymous LLCs in Delaware

Delaware does not publicly list Anonymous LLC business owners' names in state records. With a traditional LLC, the names would be listed. Staying anonymous provides several benefits to you and your company. Here are some of the most valuable benefits:

Privacy Protection

By keeping personal information like your name and address off the internet, forming an Anonymous LLC in Delaware protects your privacy in many ways.


Privacy and confidentiality are two different conveniences when it comes to Anonymous LLCs. Confidentiality means not only your identity is kept secret, but so are your properties and financial status.

Harassment Prevention

Keeping your personal information anonymous means you can avoid harassment from competitors, salespeople, mass marketing emails, even nosey neighbors.

Lawsuit Prevention

An Anonymous LLC still offers the traditional limited liability protection and offers protection from frivolous lawsuits. The benefit of an Anonymous LLC is that your name remains confidential.

How to Form an Anonymous LLC in Delaware

If you want to form an Anonymous LLC in Delaware, hire an attorney or use an LLC formation service. Formation services will save a little money, but if your privacy is the goal, then working with a lawyer ensures achievement.

You may be wondering what the difference between a traditional LLC and Anonymous LLC is – and the answer is, there’s no legal differences.

An anonymous LLC is actually a regular LLC that has been created in Delaware and does not require you to disclose personal information like the managers of the LLC.

In states like Delaware that allow Anonymous LLCs, it’s not that difficult to obtain this level of privacy for your business. Is it more difficult than a regular LLC? Yes, because you’re wanting to take extra precaution to remain anonymous.

There are still IRS and bank forms that will have your name associated with the business. However, forming an Anonymous LLC makes it more difficult for the everyday person to obtain personal information. This is especially beneficial to someone who owns properties and doesn’t want to deal with any tenants.

Get Help Creating Your Anonymous Delaware LLC

When you work with a business lawyer, they can act as the Registered Agent for your Anonymous LLC. This means that all communication to your business goes through the law firm first. If there’s a concern worth paying attention to, a business lawyer will handle it in a professional manner.

If the concern is to harass, pry, or solicit then a lawyer can help resolve the issue without making a scene. Those who have no need to learn anything about your business will leave you alone and your business undisturbed.

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